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How to Help Children Cope with Grief – The Psych Talk

Grief in children is often expressed differently to grief in adults – understanding the process for children will help you to help them. A child’s behaviour during bereavement can be confusing. One moment they may be crying and the next playing happily. Children have their own ways of processing and expressing their pain and will…
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Is Drug Addiction a Choice?

Something about Drugs Addiction

The Psych Talk

There is an ongoing debate on whether addiction is a disease or not. Most medical associations will define it as such – including the American Medical Association. Others, however, consider it a consequence of poor choices and that addiction can be broken with willpower alone.

There is much evidence of both biological, behavioural and environmental issues that may lead someone to a life of addiction. We will now explore the causes of addiction further and consider whether these causes are due to poor choices or something out of the user’s hands.

Correlation Between Mental Illness and Addiction:

There is a strong correlation between mental illness and addiction. According to the Orlando Recovery Center, about half of all addicts have been diagnosed with at least one mental illness. It can be argued that those with mental illness are unable to make rational decisions about drug use and may use drugs for…

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How to Self-Parent as an Adult – The Psych Talk

The absence of love and security in childhood can lead to difficulties in adulthood. If you have a pattern of falling into abusive relationships or fearing intimacy it is likely you learned about love, affection and intimacy from inadequate models. This means that now you have to be the nurturing voice you never received from…
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Why do People Self-Harm? – The Psych Talk

Self-harm, also known as self-injury, is defined as the intentional, direct injuring of body tissue, usually done without the intent of suicide. Self harm has a stigma attached to it, with non-suffers often assuming the only reason for this behaviour is to garner ‘attention’. However, this behaviour is often routed in psychological suffering and provides…
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