Social Issues Faced By Females (Especially in Pakistan)

Is that a dilemma or is it the product and outcome of her personal choice?

Let's think


Having returned to Pakistan and working as a mental health professional I am appreciating some recurrent observations and some repeat presentations that raise some obvious and natural questions from an observer’s point of view. In the cross sectional interaction it is not possible to fully appreciate the life histories, to understand the past major life events or to fully understand even the person who is facing the specific situation but at the same time it is impossible to ignore or to miss the obvious questions that one is facing and others are plainly observing the same on proxy. Most of them are faced by women, I therefore am keeping discussion of these on my website under a heading of “Dilemma or Her Personal Choice” under the mother heading of Society and Culture. I aim to write about only one situation/presentation at one time.


My heart says that there…

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