Social Issues Faced By Males (Particularly Pakistani Males)

Some Cultural Manifestations of Low Self Esteem In Poor Socioeconomic Areas of Pakistan

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Purpose: To attempt to appreciate the cultural manifestations of low self esteem in Marzi Pura area that is a socioeconomically poor area in a third word country, though the Psychiatric Services are available, and I am presently working in the area as a mental health professional doing outpatient clinics in one of the teaching hospitals.

 Motivation: Till one month ago I had been working in The United Kingdom as a consultant Psychiatrist, after I had finished my training there and most of my learning and building blocks of understanding human Psychology and Psychopathology developed over time in the British culture, academic and professional environment. Prior to that I have been brought and raised in Pakistan and I know well the language and culture here. Therefore, in my interactions with clients I am now observing, appreciating, learning and experiencing manifestations of psychological and psychopathological phenomena in the new culture and at…

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