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Why even bother, how we understand?

Let's think

Whilst it has always been a subject and point of attraction for a Meta-physician, but it may not be an area of interest for others. Attempting to have discussion around human-understanding to an astronaut, we may get an answer that let me have a trip to moon and back and then I shall have that conversation with you. A soldier may be thinking about winning battles and a doctor about saving lives. The philosophers were almost always criticized that, ‘what else you do, except for sitting in your arm-chair, thinking and then attempting to generalize the results to entire mankind’. The philosophers have always listened to this and have tried to answer in their own ways. Some have done this by their actions and other by other philosophies. Avicenna had contributions in the subject of Ontology-Epistemology and wrote the ‘Cannon of Medicine’ too that had been the backbone of practice…

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