Positive Thinking And Personal Development

To develope positive thinking, keep on thinking positive and break your old brain circuits; the only way out

Let's think

Re-wiring the Brain

These circuits are not just activated, but with REPEATED ACTIVE LEARNING AND PRACTICE, grow larger and stronger and spawn new circuits. Acts of memory and learning stimulate the production of new neurons that are integrated into the current brain circuits. Recent research has shown that the old and the very recent new neurons have distinct functions in connecting two different types of memory. REPEATED use creates more connections between neurons, with more dendrites, axons, and synapses. When learning a new task multiple regions are activated to create the new circuit. More capable circuits are grown and solidified in any region of the brain where there is repeated focus of attention. This applies to a variety of fields: artists grow and connect visual regions of their brains, musicians their auditory regions, and athletes their motor regions.

Everyday Neuroplasticity

By FOCUSING on a single activity, we re-wire our brains…

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