Thought Experiments

Thought Experiment

Let's think

Let’s think about this ridiculous, impossible thought experiment, as the presenter puts it. Imagine that you have a complete list of every FACT about the universe, every single fact about every star, every planet, every proton, every neutron, every dog, every house, every piece of information that is known about the entire universe. It would be fairly a big book. And it of course includes therefore every fact about every person, whoever has lived or ever will live. Their name, their address, their place of birth, their place of death, what they had breakfast on a certain date; every piece of information is gona be in there.
There is one simple question that you ask yourself, which one of those people listed in their is you?
You might think that it’s fairly straightforward I shall simple look my name up presumably this thing is searchable. Okay there you go, you…

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