Psychology Of Fear And Panic

Let’s turn a page in the book of human Psychology: Subject is Fear (Ghost Town)

Let's think


On my recent trip to Cyprus I uploaded a few pics of what the guide introduced as Ghost Town at the border of Turkish and Greek Cyprus. There has been a conflict between government of two parts and it was in 1974 that Turkey invaded and almost took half of the Cyprus. This was followed by some post war actions in which the inhabitants from Occupied side were moved out of their homes and one border town within Nicosia that comprised of nearly 4000 buildings remained in a high tension area and as there were armed clashes between two sides therefore the whole town remained uninhabitable for various reasons. It was however on 12th July 2014 that the journalist Nick Enoch used the word Ghost Town for the first time for this area that became popular. The town has nothing to do with ghosts or supernatural.

Nevertheless once I put…

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