Mankind Common Issues

If there are no two similar genetic makeups in the world that two people can have, then there can not be two similar understandings that two people can develop

Let's think

We are born and we meet

Our instincts: breathing, feeding, need for safety
Our environment: No too warm, not too cold
Our care provider: Mother or primary care giver
Our father: Discipline maker, bread earner
Our culture: Extremely diverse
Our siblings: We compete and love
Our school: Presents external world
Our teachers: Prime source of learning
Our learning: Who taught us, what’s been taught
Our initial sense of self: Comes a point when we appreciate this
Our genes: We can be compromised or gifted
Our abilities and talents: Unlimited variations
Our interests: what attracts us
Our inclinations: can be controlled or not
Our maturation: comes with time
Our Hormones: they drag us in unwanted directions
Our love: or a believe that we are in love
Our infatuations: its attraction driven by hormones
Our spirituality: we feel it
Our faith: we develop believe
Our religion: we learn it
Our reasoning: Helps…

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