Psychological Issues In Children

How to discuss about death with a child and help him/her cope

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Royal College Of Psychiatrists Public Information Leaflet describes following
This is one in a series of leaflets for parents, teachers and young people entitled Mental Health and Growing Up. The aims of these leaflets are to provide practical, up-to-date information about mental health problems (emotional, behavioural and psychiatric disorders) that can affect children and young people. This leaflet looks at how a death in the family may affect a child or young person, and offers advice on how to cope with this situation.


Everyone can experience grief when they lose someone close to them. They may need to spend period of time in bereavement coming to terms with the grief.

How does a child respond to death?

Death in the family affects everyone. Children, in particular, need to be thought about even if it is a difficult time for the whole family.

How they react depends on a number…

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