Mankind Common Issues

Frame of Reference

Let's think

Me: Okay let me tell you about the frame of reference, you can’t even imagine how big this universe is

Respondent 1: I am hungry, do you have a piece of bread?

Me: Think, you ignorant, there are millions of galaxies, and do you know a galaxy contains billions of stars.

Respondent 2: I am penny less, I need some shelter for my kids who are exposed to intense cold, could these billions be converted to some money?

Me: No, no, no you fool, try to understand, Billions and billions of these stars are arranged into galaxies and our galaxy is only one of many trillions of galaxies.

Respondent 3: Ah dear, you are a bit late, I received diagnosis of terminal cancer yesterday, it’s too late for me to think and understand that now.

Me: O dear, I sympathize, all I was trying to say was that our planet…

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