Culture And Culture Related

Culture is society’s personality

Let's think

Google dictionary offers two meanings of the word culture, “the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively” or “the ideas, customs and social behaviour of a particular people or society”. The same source offers the synonyms of the arts, the humanities, intellectual achievement(s), intellectual activity, literature, music, painting, philosophy, civilization, society, way of life, lifestyle, customs, traditions, heritage, habits, ways, mores and values as a part of description of word culture. A society, group, family or institution has its own culture that differentiates it from others. Cultural Anthropology that is aimed at studying cultural variations in humans. According to encyclopedia of public health culturally determined characteristics include: language spoken at home; religious observations; customs (including marriage customs that often accompany religious and other beliefs); acceptable gender roles and occupations; dietary practices; intellectual; artistic and leisure-time pursuits; and aspects of behavior.

According to an online article that I…

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